If you run a retail storefront, you need to accept credit cards. According to the U.S. government, nearly 75-percent of American families have one or more credit cards and many consider them their preferred method of payment. The fact is, if you don't accept credit cards your customers will likely go to someone who can.
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how much does it cost?
It's easy and inexpensive to set up a merchant account with Total Merchant Services. The costs to get setup and running are listed in the chart below.

POS Terminal Equipment Purchase Lease
Hypercom T7P $395.00 n/a
Nurit 2085 $395.00 n/a
Manual Imprinter $40.00 n/a
Nurit 8320 $595.00 $25.00/month
Pin Pad 1000se $109.00 n/a
FREE Omni 3740 FREE n/a
FREE Omni 3740 & Check Reader FREE n/a

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