The fastest-growing segment of credit card use today is in "card-not-present" transactions in which a customer is not physically present at the merchant's location, but instead makes his or her purchase by mail order or telephone order (MOTO), by facsimile, or via the Internet.
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how much does it cost?
It's easy and inexpensive to set up a merchant account with Total Merchant Services. The costs to get setup and running are listed in the chart below.

POS Software/Terminal Equipment Purchase Lease Per Month Gateway Fee
Merchant Pay by Authorize.Net $195 n/a $10
VeriSign Payflow Link $195 n/a $18.95
PSBill Payment Company $0.00 n/a $15.00
VeriSign Payflow Pro $229 n/a $28.95
Plug 'n Pay $195 n/a $10
PC Charge Pro $199 n/a n/a
PC Charge Express $179 n/a n/a
Manual Imprinter w/Sales Drafts $40 n/a n/a

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